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West Bank Story

In 2005 a short film debuted taking one of the hottest conflicts in the world and bringing a message of peace and hope through a musical comedy. The plan for West Bank Story as a take-off of the classic musical “West Side Story” sounds like a recipe for disaster. Two competing falafel stands, Kosher King… Read more »

Bob Marley

There may be no other musician as well known around the world as Bob Marley, the Jamaican reggae singer.  With his band The Wailers, Marley’s music took themes of jubilation and liberation with spiritual centeredness to almost every corner of the globe.  He died at 36 from a form of melanoma, continuing his music and… Read more »

Jec Dan Borlado

There are many peacemaking musicians who haven’t gained fame and fortune as entertainers but who have poured the passions into song.  Their music is often the heartbeat of grassroots movements for justice, peace, and human rights.  One such activist musician is Jec Dan Borlado from the Philippines, and one of our Peace Warriors. In 2012… Read more »

Arn Chorn-Pond

Arn Chorn-Pond survived the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia in part through music.  Now he uses music as a means of peacemaking and trauma healing, both personally and for his country. Raised in a family centered in Cambodian opera, when the Khmer Rouge came to power he was taken away from… Read more »

Mai Khoi

Vietnamese folk singer Mai Khoi was arrested in March 2018 after returning from a tour in Europe (click here for the BBC report on her arrest).  She has a pop song about Vietnamese girls and her love for Vietnam, but has turned into a searing critic of repression of freedom of speech.  With her new… Read more »