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Peter, Paul and Mary

One can’t think about the protest movements in the ’60s without including the music of Peter, Paul and Mary.  Formed in 1961, the trio of Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey and Mary Travers popularized songs by Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan and others as well as adding some of their own rich tunes into the vibrant mix. … Read more »

Omar Victor Diop

Omar Victor Diop is an fine arts and fashion photographer from Dakar, Senegal who has a recent series of portraits called Liberty.  He explores the global black liberation struggle in a personal way, putting himself in each male role and his friend Khadija Boye posing in the female roles. As he portrayed moments from the… Read more »

Bree Newsome

On June 27, 2015 Brittany Ann Byuarium “Bree” Newsome burst into the national spotlight in the wake of the racial murders at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston when she scaled the 30-foot flagpole of the South Carolina capitol building to take down the flag. The Confederate battle flag had been proudly shown by the… Read more »


“The essence of the work I do is to love.” I know George through various activist projects in the Philadelphia area.  I’ve even gone to “folk sings” at his home in West Philly–one of my unfulfilled goals is to join him in singing Handel’s Messiah.  But things changed when I attended my first Training for Social… Read more »

MYLES HORTON (1905-1990)

“If people have a position on something and you try to argue them into changing it, you’re going to strengthen that position. If you want to change people’s ideas, you shouldn’t try to convince them intellectually. What you need to do is get them into a situation where they’ll have to act on ideas, not… Read more »