ADAM CURLE (1916-2006)

“What’s peace?…It recognizes one humanity in which all lives are precious and worthy to be loved and given help towards fulfillment.” In 1970 the Nigerian army overwhelmed the army of the Biafran rebels, forcing a surrender and ending a 3-year long civil war that left half a million people dead. Many feared a bloodbath following… Read more »


“The essence of the work I do is to love.” I know George through various activist projects in the Philadelphia area.  I’ve even gone to “folk sings” at his home in West Philly–one of my unfulfilled goals is to join him in singing Handel’s Messiah.  But things changed when I attended my first Training for Social… Read more »

WAYNE TEASDALE (1945-2004)

Wayne Teasdale’s spiritual career began as a Trappist monk at St. Joseph’s Abbey in Massachusetts. After 10 years under the direction of Abott Thomas Keating, founder of the centering prayer movement, Teasdale received an invitation that changed the direction of his spiritual journey. He was invited to study in India at the Benedictine ashram of… Read more »

Roger Williams (1603-1684)

Roger Williams a visionary early-American who advocated for religious liberty and separation of church and state. He founded Rhode Island in 1636 as a pure democracy.