Category: Interfaith

Mohammed Dajani Daoudi

Mohammed Dajani Daoudi is a Palestinian professor who has been a voice for reconciliation and peace amid one of the most contentious conflicts on the planet.  He founded and chairs an organization called Wasatia with goals that show the breadth of his vision:  to end the Israeli occupation through negotiated means, to help Palestinians understand… Read more »

Jill Jackson-Miller and Sy Miller

“Let There Be Peace On Earth” has become one of the most widely sung peace songs.  Written in 1955 for the International Children’s Choir from Long Beach, California.  It has continued to be a fixture in the children’s music repertoire, though also sung in almost any kind of musical gathering imaginable. The original version with… Read more »

David LaMotte

David LaMotte is a singer-songwriter and a global peacemaker living in Black Mountain, North Carolina in the U.S.  He’s made his living as a musician for many years, but in 2008 he became a Rotary Peace Fellowship which opened up the activist opportunities.  As a Rotary Peace Fellow he studied in Australia and worked with… Read more »

Eboo Patel

As Eboo Patel states on the Interfaith Youth Core website, he core belief is “that religion is a bridge of cooperation rather than a barrier of division.” Patel also believes that students are leaders, so he launched a movement that has reshaped the nature of interfaith activity in the United States. Instead of clerics and… Read more »

DOROTHY DAY (1897-1980)

“We will not be drilled into fear. We do not have faith in God if we depend upon the Atom Bomb.” Dorothy Day was once a Communist who became a leading voice for radical nonviolent Christianity in the United States. She lived a life of voluntary poverty, cared for the homeless, and published The Catholic… Read more »