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Ouided Bouchamaoui

Tunisia was where the Arab Spring was launched, and it has been the one place where the dreams of that uprising have been most stablized and lasting.  A big part of such a positive outcome has been the leadership of the civil society in Tunisia, including that of Ouided Bouchamaoui (sometimes her first name is… Read more »

Mohammed Dajani Daoudi

Mohammed Dajani Daoudi is a Palestinian professor who has been a voice for reconciliation and peace amid one of the most contentious conflicts on the planet.  He founded and chairs an organization called Wasatia with goals that show the breadth of his vision:  to end the Israeli occupation through negotiated means, to help Palestinians understand… Read more »

Yusuf/Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens (stage name for Steven Demetre Georgiou) was a British folk rock singer popular in the late 1960s into the 1970s.  His wrote many songs with values for the heart–compassion, peace, and good relationships such as evidenced by his hit “Father and Son.”  “Peace Train” was a solid hit to land him in this… Read more »

Ameen Mukdad

Amid the ruins of an ancient shrine in the city of Mosul in Iraqi, the violinist Ameen Mukdad played his composition “I am Free.”  That composition was written while Mosul was under the stern rule of the Islamic State which banned music and musical instruments.  Mukdad played in hiding, but eventually his music was discovered… Read more »

Eboo Patel

As Eboo Patel states on the Interfaith Youth Core website, he core belief is “that religion is a bridge of cooperation rather than a barrier of division.” Patel also believes that students are leaders, so he launched a movement that has reshaped the nature of interfaith activity in the United States. Instead of clerics and… Read more »