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Bob Marley

There may be no other musician as well known around the world as Bob Marley, the Jamaican reggae singer.  With his band The Wailers, Marley’s music took themes of jubilation and liberation with spiritual centeredness to almost every corner of the globe.  He died at 36 from a form of melanoma, continuing his music and… Read more »


“The primary practical task of those working for reconciliation is to help create the space where Truth, Mercy, Justice, and Peace can truly meet and thresh things out…We need to recognize all their concerns as proper, provide them with voices, respond to their fears and needs, and place them in an open and dialogical setting”… Read more »


Mexican sculptor Pedre Reyes received guns, rifles and pistols disabled by the Mexican army.  He melted them down and forged them into mechanical musical instruments which can be played by computer.  He also collected over 1,500 guns and forged them into 1,500 shovels used to plant trees around the world.  Reyes said, “It’s basically the… Read more »

Comadres (Committee of the Mothers)

COMADRES is an organization in El Salvador of relatives of those who had been imprisoned, “disappeared” or killed in the Salvadoran Civil War.