BOOKS by Our Peace Warriors

These books are by our peace warriors or books we have found especially useful in our peacemaking and justice-building work.
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BOOKS we recommend

These are books we have found useful in our peace and justice work.

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HISTORY BOOKS we recommend

These are books about various historical conflicts that we have found helpful in understanding what has happened and who played transformative roles.

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Resources relating to peace and justice issues are gathered for various major religions including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, and Sikhism.

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Explore our conflict transformation “toolbox” for various exercises, activities, and tools utilizing experiential education methods.  The tools range from Bible studies and content specific tools to generic tools and adventure-based games.

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Learn from the training videos about various topics related to conflict transformation including getting to win/win solutions, dealing with diversity in groups, transforming initiatives, and trauma transformation.

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Connections to others doing notable work and making important contributions to peace and justice.  Many of these sites have excellent resources available.
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These documentaries have been used in our trainings, covering a wide range of peacemaking topics and stories from around the world.

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