Category: Transforming Initiatives

Don Mosley

Don Mosley is one of the founders of Jubilee Partners based in Comer, Georgia.  In the 1970s he and his wife Carolyn were part of the intentional inter-racial rural community Koinonia Partners just outside of Americus, Georgia.   While there they worked with Millard and Linda Fuller to found Habitat for Humanity which has grown… Read more »


“Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a sharp knife to it.” My artist son, Jon, have me a coffee table art book of Banksy’s graffiti.  It was riveting–but am I supposed to relish such vandalism?  What I saw disturbed me because Banksy so often speaks truth with alarming clarity and delightful humor,… Read more »

GENE SHARP (1928-2018)

“I think you get rid of violence only if people see that you have a different way of acting, a different way of struggle”—Gene Sharp I first read The Politics of Nonviolent Action in 1989 as the uprisings in China’s Tiananmen Square were unfolding.  Sharp’s analysis highlighted both the power of the student’s actions and the… Read more »


“The essence of the work I do is to love.” I know George through various activist projects in the Philadelphia area.  I’ve even gone to “folk sings” at his home in West Philly–one of my unfulfilled goals is to join him in singing Handel’s Messiah.  But things changed when I attended my first Training for Social… Read more »


“In the end it is a question of life or death. I think all human beings want to live. They want to enjoy life. It doesn’t matter what their religion or politics are; they want to live and allow others to live. When I speak of civil disobedience and nonviolence, I’m saying that I want… Read more »