Rev. Dr. Daniel L. Buttry is the Global Consultant for Peace and Justice for International Ministries of the American Baptist Churches.  He travels around the world training people in conflict transformation, working from grassroots communities to high-level educational institutions.  As a Christian minister and missionary he works primarily with and through the Christian communities, primarily Baptists.  But he is also deeply committed to interfaith peacemaking and is comfortable engaging in multi-religious contexts.  He is a founder and officer for the InterFaith Leadership Council in Metro Detroit.  He has been involved in many mediation efforts, especially in Myanmar/Burma and with the Nagas of northeast India and northwest Myanmar.  He has conducted trainings and workshops in every region of the world (except Antarctica!) and has been a speaker at countless conferences.   He has authored 9 books, mostly on peacemaking topics but also on church renewal and preaching.

Rev. Sharon Buttry is a part-time commissioned Global Consultant for Community Transformation with International Ministries.  She is involved with the International Hope Center doing urban mission work and community organizing in Hamtramck, Michigan–a municipality completely surrounded by Detroit.  She has joined Dan in many of his international travels, co-facilitating with him in the conflict transformation training.  She has also been engaged in interfaith peacemaking initiatives and served on the board of WISDOM, a women’s interfaith organization in Detroit.  She is also an activist for environmental justice seeking to halt corporate practices that bring toxic poisons into urban communities.


Lance Muteyo is from Harare, Zimbabwe.  He is the founder and coordinator of Trees of Peace Africa.  He was one of the founders of the Pan African Peace Network and serves as PAPNET’s coordinator.  He has co-facilitated two TCTTs and introduced the tradition of planting a tree for peace at each TCTT (click here to see more about using this as a training tool).  Lance has done conflict transformation training work in Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Ukraine and Italy as well as in Zimbabwe.  His wife Christina is a TCTT grad and has co-facilitated with him in some of the training work.  Lance has a special heart for children.  He has administered an international sponsorship system through the churches for vulnerable children and often leads conflict transformation trainings for children.



Philip Kakungulu a.k.a Stargate, is a Baptist pastor from in Jinja in Uganda, close to the source of the Nile River. He is married and blessed with two sons. Philip calls himself a student of life and a peace missionary facilitating peace-building through conflict transformation training.  He is the Team Leader and Founder of Crossing Lines Africa, a faith-based organization with representation in the Pan African Peace Network.  Crossing lines Africa has proudly partnered with International Ministries of the American Baptist Churches and the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America in various peacemaking initiatives.  Philip believes in non-violence and specializes in getting to work in areas where no one else will go. He works among sexual and ethnic minority groups, sex workers, victims of human trafficking and refugees in Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, D.R.Congo, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.  He co-facilitated the Kenya 2018 TCTT.  Philip is a seminary graduate from Moody Adams Bible Institute and is continuing studies at Uganda Baptist Seminary. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Relations and Conflict Management of Fairland University Uganda, and  Diploma in Christian Counseling and Family Therapy of Australian Institute of Family Counseling, among other professional studies in Conflict Transformation and Trauma Awareness.


Veronika Voloshyna is a conflict transformation trainer, mediator and Christian counselor from eastern Ukraine.  She founded and is a board member of Vil’na Peacemaking Space (“Vil’na” means “freedom”).  Her commitment to non-violence came through the example of her seminary teacher, Rev. Dr. Buttry from whom, she says, “I learned that non-violence is not a doormat mentality and behavior; it actually requires more courage than violence and a lot of inner work.” Veronika’s primary audience is women, and she sees her mission as empowering women as the main driving force for building peace and preventing future conflicts in Ukraine.  She has organized and conducted three Women Peacemakers’ Conferences in two Ukrainian cities, and regularly conduct educational events: trainings, workshops , seminars, etc.  She is also an outstanding translator who translated the “Bible Study Manual on Conflict Transformation” into Russian.



Mylinda Baits is an ordained American Baptist clergywoman, a pastoral artist and trainer. Serving as a Global Consultant for Training Through Restorative Arts, she partners with IM colleagues, national church leadership and social change organizations to seek justice, healing and transformation through restorative art-making and creative expression. Having worked alongside beautifully diverse populations throughout the world for almost two decades, Mylinda values and honors the deep wisdom, creative expression and resilient healing resources that can be shared through the arts.  She finds joy watching diverse communities come together through collaborative art making, storytelling and contextual worship. She has co-facilitated in 3 TCTTs and is a certified trainers with First Aid Arts. Mylinda creates resilient and brave spaces where servant leaders and those who do the hard work of rescue, relief and restoration can be nurtured and renewed. As sinner and saint, she sees beauty in broken places, wonder in wounded people, and life in loving God and others.



Ray Schellinger serves as the Global Consultant for Immigration and Refugees with International Ministries of the American Baptist Churches. He has worked in Nicaragua and Mexico, first with community/economic development and later with families trying to escape the bonds of domestic violence. Over the last 11 years, Ray has developed and led immigration immersion experiences to Tijuana in order to help change misconceptions that US Americans often have of our neighbors and to re-humanize our understanding of the issues affecting us all. In addition, he is working in support of ABC’s international partners as they welcome refugees and immigrants in crisis.  Ray co-facilitated TCTTs in Mexico City and Santiago, Cuba.



Manal El Tayar is currently pursuing a Master in International Development Policy with a focus on Peace and Conflict Resolution at Duke University.  She  holds a postgraduate degree in Mediation from Saint Joseph University, Beirut, and a BA in Political Science and International Affairs from the Lebanese American University, Beirut. Manal’s theses topics focused on the ‘Roles and Limits of Grassroots Mediation in the Context of the Syrian Civil War’ and on the ‘Role of Leadership in Effective Social Movements in Hard Contexts with a case study on Vaclav Havel’.  Previously, Manal was the Peacebuilding Initiatives Manager at the Institute of Middle East Studies, served as the Middle East/North Africa Regional Liaison Officer for the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflicts. She also worked closely with many NGOs, INGOs and UN agencies on issues relating to peace and security including the UN Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect, the Nonviolent Peaceforce and the Permanent Peace Movement.  She co-facilitated the 2017 Alexandria, Egypt TCTT.  Manal is also a track and field athlete and has broken national records in mid-distance athletics in Lebanon. She has competed nationally, regionally and internationally. She is passionate about using high-level sports as a platform for peacebuilding between the various communities in Lebanon.


Shabrae Jackson Krieg is a social worker, community practitioner and facilitator with more than 20 years of experience working in urban communities domestically and internationally.  Through a process of collaboration and co-creation, Shabrae works with in partnership to research and implement innovative projects that work towards individual and community change, healing, and transformation through the process of experiential learning, the expressive arts, and movement based methodologies – exploring the spaces where play and transformation can meet.  Together with her husband Shabrae founded Transformación Urbana Internacional in 2006, a NGO that works for transformation and holistic development in Mexico City.  Shabrae currently works with several groups as a Trainer, Coach and Practitioner with international teams around the world.  She is the Director of Learning and Collaboration with Servant Partners, an international organization based in California, the Creative Community of Care Coordinator with First Aid Arts, an organization that provides arts-based resources to trauma survivors and those who walk with them.  As a facilitator and practitioner Shabrae enjoys shaping spaces for creativity in order for people to grow courageously and create adaptable tools and resources.



Kayilu Pfoze is a theological student who is interested in pastoral and justice and peace-building ministries. He obtained his Master of Divinity at Oriental Theological Seminary, Dimapur, India where he studied under Rev. Dr. Wati Aier, the former Principal and also the convener of Forum for Naga Reconciliation. He belongs to the Naga community from the North East region of India. Growing up in a conflict-ridden region, justice, peace and harmonious society lies at the heart of his vision for ministry. Kayilu is passionate about peace-building at the grassroots. While he was serving in his local church, he planned worship experiences, led Bible studies and organized activities that create opportunities for the transformation lives of people especially the youth. He firmly believes that God is engaged in transforming the world through the ministry of the church. Currently, Kayilu is studying in the US where he is sharpening his ministry vision and equipping himself to do more for God. In his faith journey, one of the key turning points of his life was the 10-day TCTT training at the Philippines with Dan and Sharon Buttry and Mylinda Baits in 2016.


Jayme Reaves is a public theologian based in Dorset, U.K. and author of the 2016 book Safeguarding the Stranger: An Abrahamic Theology & Ethic of Protective Hospitality (Wipf & Stock). She has an M.Div from Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond (Virginia, US) as well as an M.Phil in Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation and a Ph.D in Theology from Trinity College, University of Dublin.  Jayme lectures, facilitates workshops, leads retreats and works with organisations, community groups, churches, and individuals interested in thinking theologically about public issues. Find out more at www.jaymereaves.com.



Jec describes himself first with family, married with two wonderful children.  He is a Program Director of the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches,
serving the Program for Pastoral Placement, Theological Education, and Ministerial Concerns.
He participates in the Ecumenical Dialogue and Fellowship of the World Council of Churches, Christian Conference of Asia, the National Council of Churches in the Philippines, and Western Visayas Ecumenical Council.  Jec was a student of Medical Technology and Divinity majoring in Christian Education at Central Philippine University.
A music person and peace-builder, Jec co-facilitated one of the 2016 Philippine TCTTs.  He speaks (and sometimes sings) on matters of ecclesiology, prophetic social witness, non-violence, and transforming initiatives.  He is also Area Representative for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Iloilo City.