Transforming Initiatives

Peacemaking Gangs Build Playground

Chicago has become notorious across the U.S. for its high rate of street violence.  However, two rival gangs in the North Pullman neighborhood of Chicago were tired of the violence of which they were a part.  Cycles of killing claimed the lives of many young men with nobody knowing the reason why.  The Risky Road… Read more »

Swedish Student Stops Deportation on Airplane

Elin Ersson, a 21-year old student who has been working with Afghan refugees in Sweden, halted the deportation of a 52-year old Afghan man who had been seeking asylum.  The Afghan man was being deported back to Afghanistan where there was a fear that he would be killed.  Ersson bought a ticket for the flight… Read more »

German Muslims and Jews Ride Bikes Together

As Germany has seen an increase in anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic activity, Berlin’s Jewish and Muslim communities joined together in a creative community-building transforming initiative.  They rode 2-seater bicycles throughout the city with a Jewish person and a Muslim person sharing each bike.  Imams and rabbis played a leading role.  Some wore white vests with the… Read more »

Peace Rally in Remote Area of NE India

In a remote area of Northeast India, in Aboi town in Nagaland, a Peace Rally was held on Monday, June 18, 2018.  This could be such a small event that nobody would notice.  But it shows that in many places around the world, far from the eyes of the global press, people express their hopes… Read more »

Afghanistan Peace March

Marchers in Afghanistan from many different walks of life have been engaged in a traveling vigil for peace.  Their message is simple:  That the war has become a monster consuming new lives every day, and it is time for peace.  They have marched through some of the most devastated regions of the country.  They stop… Read more »