Category: Folk & Country

Stan Rogers

Stan Rogers was known as the folk singer who captured the lives of Canadian people from the Maritime Provinces to the Great Lakes and Plains.  He certainly wasn’t a pacifist as one of his songs (“Harris and the Mare”) sadly celebrates a conscientious objector who reaches his breaking point when a drunk assaulted the “conchie’s”… Read more »

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan was the first musician to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, quite the recognition for the poetry of his lyrics and his global impact.  Though he has put out a huge repertoire of songs and covered many topics, some of his folks songs from the 1960s have become standards for singing about peace. … Read more »

Jan Krist

Jan Krist is a singer/songwriter who started in Detroit but now lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  She has toured nationally, playing most of the major folk venues.  Though she has a solo career, she’s also been a part of many musical collaborations.  The Yellow Room Gang is a collective of 8 musicians originally from Michigan… Read more »

Yusuf/Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens (stage name for Steven Demetre Georgiou) was a British folk rock singer popular in the late 1960s into the 1970s.  His wrote many songs with values for the heart–compassion, peace, and good relationships such as evidenced by his hit “Father and Son.”  “Peace Train” was a solid hit to land him in this… Read more »

Jason Isbell

Country singer/songwriter Jason Isbell’s song “White Man’s World” off his “The Nashville Sound” album is a perfect counter-point to Trump’s America with the disgruntled white male demographic of Trump’s “base.”  One of the major themes in our global peace warrior network is “mainstream/margin.”  Isbell gives a great example of someone from the mainstream who hears… Read more »