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Saboi Jum (d. 2017)

Saboi Jum was a Kachin Baptist leader from the north of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. He was an ordained minister, serving from 1990 to 2000 as the General Secretary of the Kachin Baptist Convention, one of the larger ethnic groups within the Burma Baptist Convention (later Myanmar Baptist Convnetion). Most of the Kachins in… Read more »

Mamuka Kapanadze

When war broke out between Russia and the Republic of Georgia in 2008 people steeped in the Orthodox Christian traditions were on both sides.  In the Orthodox tradition icons have played a major role in their spirituality and their church architecture, even with an “iconostasis,” a wall of these paintings of Christ and various saints,… Read more »


“There are a lot more of us out there than anybody knows, and we need to find more ways to stay connected, to instruct and encourage each other, sometimes to argue with each other, because it’s not just the world that refuses to listen—sometimes our churches refuse to listen as well.” Ken is the longtime… Read more »

Roger Williams (1603-1684)

Roger Williams a visionary early-American who advocated for religious liberty and separation of church and state. He founded Rhode Island in 1636 as a pure democracy.

Gustavo Parajón (1935-2011)

Gustavo Parajón was a renown medical aid worker, mediator, peace advocate, and pastor in Nicaragua, most notibly during the Nicaraguan Revolution.