Transforming Initiatives

Rebel Puppeteers of Sudan

Ganja is a Sudanese puppeteer.  His father was a rebel commander fighting against the dictatorship of Omar al-Bashir in Sudan.  Ganja chose to fight by other means, but puppets, drama, and satirical humor.  Using puppets of al-Bashir and a militia commander he brings these leaders through puppets into direct contact with the suffering their violence… Read more »

The Power of A Cup of Tea

Marine veteran Conor Curran tells about an encounter with an Iraqi man who showed kindness in the midst of a Marine raid of his home.  That transforming initiative of serving tea to “the enemy” changed his life and rippled through the lives of many other people. Listen to Curran’s story:

Beauty Pageant Becomes a Protest

A beauty pageant for Miss Peru turned into a demonstration against violence against women. At a traditional moment in the pageant, instead of giving their physical measurements, the contestants one-by-one gave statistics about violence against women in the past few years in Peru.  Peru has the second highest rate of violence against women in Latin… Read more »

Creative Vandalism of Monuments

In Bulgaria graffiti artists have turned the imposing Soviet-era monuments into a “canvas” for contemporary political speech against the domineering regional politics of Russia.  Sometimes they use colors such as Ukraine’s yellow and light blue to make their point.  The most extensive guerrilla art was to turn a major monument into a hilarious gathering of… Read more »

Clowning about Racism and Facism

Clowning has been growing around the world as a transforming initiative in response to the neo-Nazi and white-supremacist hate rallies.  Instead of meeting hate with anger and violence, clowns meet demonstrations for bigotry with humorous mocking with a light-hearted but very serious touch.   Sarah Freeman-Woolpert published an outstanding article with a global and historical… Read more »