Transforming Initiatives

Projected Protest

In a creative protest artist Robin Bell projected a number of statements on the facade of the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. regarding bribes including the entire “emoluments” clause from the U.S. Constitution.   Earlier Bell projected an anti-Trump message about the appointment of climate change denier Myron Ebell to the lead the transition… Read more »

Story Exchange

North Dakota has the highest per capita refugee resettlement rate in the United States.  A result has been an increase in people of color and Muslims, and a rise in ethnic and religious tensions, harassment and violence.  A program to counter this trend has been introduced:  Holding “story exchanges” where people from the older North… Read more »

Wedding Dress Protest in Lebanon

Lebanon has a law that exonerates a rapist if he marries his victim.  Many Lebanese women have launched a campaign to raise awareness about the law and then abolish it.  In 2016 women wore bandages around their bodies and covered them with wedding dresses in a protest.  In 2017 an art exhibition was set up… Read more »

Prison of Peace

Susan Russo was incarcerated in California’s Valley State Prison for Women with a sentence of life with no possibility of parole.  But she had a vision for help in making the prison a place of peace.  She wrote countless letters to various community mediators until Laurel Kaufer got a letter.  She showed it to her… Read more »

Peacemaking in the Streets

Ibn Ali Miller was walking in his neighborhood when a nasty fight broke out between two young men.  Rather than walking away or joining the laughing crowd, he intervened and challenged the fighters to act like “men,” to be mature in how they handle their differences.  The video went viral.   View Video of Miller… Read more »