“Jesus as way of peace between Christians and Muslims?” by Dan Buttry

Mustafa Akyol wrote an interesting editorial in the NY Times by a Muslim about Jesus, Muslims, and the possible way to peace. (Click here to read Akyol’s editorial.)  It is titled “What Jesus Can Teach Today’s Muslims.”  He explores the teaching of Jesus, viewed as a prophet in Islam, as an answer to some of… Read more »

“Along the Refugee Journey of Jesus” by Dan Buttry

My last blog post was titled “RefuJesus” about Jesus being a refugee and what that means in this current era.  Right now we have the greatest refugee crisis in the world since World War II.  Meanwhile the U.S., led by President Trump, is closing its doors on refugees out of fear for the terrorist who… Read more »

“RefuJesus” by Dan Buttry

During this Christmas season refugees are in the news whether coming from Syria or other war-torn lands or because of President-elect Trump talking about stopping immigration of Muslims to the United States.  Yet a key part of the Christmas story is that Jesus was a refugee.  King Herod sent his death squads to execute boy… Read more »

“Hopes for Peace Coming from the Margins” by Dan Buttry

In many conflicts the larger “players” in a conflict get locked into the cycles of recrimination, retaliation, and violence.  Smaller groups at the margins may just try to keep their heads down and try to survive.  As the old African proverb says, “When the elephants fight the grass suffers.”  So the grassroots margins just hope… Read more »

“Memory and a Museum” by Dan Buttry

In our trauma healing work a key concern is the narrative we construct to tell the story of what happened.  That memory can lead to a twisted us versus them story, a story of good versus evil that then dehumanizes the other and justifies the next cycle of violence.  Or the memory can be more… Read more »