“A Sad Fathers’ Day” by Dan Buttry

On this 2018 Father’s Day, as a father I can’t help thinking about the current crisis of shattered families because of our enforcement of immigration policies.  Watching children cry and hard-hearted officials defend their actions with Bible verses reminds me that there is deep history here. We are facing the consequences of things that are… Read more »

“Mountains of the Lion” by Lance Muteyo

One of my future visions as a young African is to see Africa been accessible to Africans. The transport networks between African countries is very expensive and erratic. Philip Kakungulu from Uganda and I received an invitation from the Baptist Convention of Sierra Leone through Reverend Paul Conteh, the Pastor of Bethany Baptist Church. Our… Read more »

“How Do We Remember?” by Dan Buttry

Many cities across the U.S. South have been struggling over the issue of how we remember the war that tore apart our country 160 years ago.  The statues of Confederate generals such as Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson have been removed in some cities either by city employees, sometimes in the middle of the… Read more »

“Moving Toward the Tanks” by Dan Buttry

Many of us can vividly recall the photo or video of the small man with a satchel standing in front of the line of tanks when the Chinese army crushed the demonstrators in Tiananmen Square during the 1989 uprising.  I was so moved by that act of defiant, calm, nonviolent courage that I contacted one… Read more »

“Broken Pieces” by Lance Muteyo

Broken Pieces My trip to the US was the most difficult voyage I ever made in my life. It reminds me of Paul and others’ expedition in Acts 27 where some reached the shore on broken pieces of the ship. When I stepped out of the Philadelphia Airport on a warm Tuesday morning, May 30th… Read more »