Section 2: Win/Win Solutions

“Things That Make for Peace” Section 2 focuses on how to get to win/win solutions in our conflicts.  Click the Videos below to view the particular session:

Session 4:  Win/Lose Versus Win/Win Solutions

We explore the difference between Win/Lose approaches to conflict where one person or sides gains at the expense of the other and Win/Win approaches to conflict where everyone benefits.

Session 5:  Steps to Win/Win Solutions

What are the specific steps conflicted parties can take to get to a win/win solution that is satisfactory for all parties?

Session 6:  Steps to Win/Win Solutions with Paul & Barnabas

We explore a conflict between Paul and Barnabas recorded in Acts 15.36-41 to see how the “Steps to Win/Win Solutions” works in a particular case study.

Session 7:  Win/Win Solutions in Joshua 22

This Old Testament story shows two groups on the edge of war because of mistaken projections of the fears from each side averting violence by talking their way to a win/win solution.

Session 8:  Win/Win Solutions in 1 Samuel 25

A “wise woman” Abigail leads David to a win/win solution that averted a violent confrontation.

Session 9:  Win/Win Solutions in Acts 15

Are win/win solutions possible in clashes over values or ethics?  The early church in Acts 15 found their way to a win/win solution over theological ethics which might serve as a model for some of our contemporary values conflicts.