Christian Resources

We have a rich variety of resources related to peace and justice in this website.  Click on the resource area to explore the rich resources available to you:

Bible Study Guides:  Participatory Bible studies about conflict transformation, war and peace in the Bible, and the poor in the Bible.

Training Videos:  Mini videos on a wide range of conflict transformation topics, many dealing directly with Bible stories which can be used with the training tools in the Toolbox.

Bible-Based Training Tools:  Experiential tools for conflict transformation training utilizing Bible stories and passages.

Stories of Christian Peacemakers:  Over 110 mini biographies, stories of transforming initiatives, works of various musicians and artists.

Documentaries:  Specifically, As We Forgive (Rwanda), The Children’s March (U.S.), A Force More Powerful (Nashville, U.S., South Africa, Poland), The Imam and the Pastor (Nigeria), Little Town of Bethlehem (Israel/Palestine), Monsenor: The Last Journey of Oscar Romero (El Salvador), Pray the Devil Back to Hell (Liberia), and Sharing an Island (Cyprus).