“What Have We Become?” by Ray Schellinger

Over the last 6 months I have met hundreds of migrants fleeing the violence, abuse and hopelessness in Central America. I have met with them as a pastor and friend, eager to give them a sign of hope and welcome. Their stories have ripped my heart to pieces, but perhaps not as much as the… Read more »

“Faith-Inspired Peace Making” by Philip Kakungulu

(Philip wrote this blog in part in response to a series of questions he’d been given related to sustaining oneself as a peacemaker.  This blog is his responses, but he invites you to make any responses you would like to turn this into a conversation.  You can add your comments at the end, which we… Read more »

“What Can We Do About Gun Violence” by Bob Tiller

(Bob Tiller is a dear long-time friend and colleague of Dan Buttry who has been involved in peace and justice work for many decades.  He recently wrote this article for “The Baptist Peacemaker.”  Dan asked if we could post this as a guest blog, and Bob agreed.  The context is the United States where some… Read more »

“The Next G8N Peace Makers” by Philip Kakungulu

(** for older folks G8N is short for “generation”) Early in 2018 February, I had a wonderful opportunity to co-facilitate a 5 days conflict transformation training in West Africa alongside Revs. Dan and Sharon Buttry. The training was special in a way that it was my first of its kind in West Africa.  That was… Read more »

“No More Keeping Silent!” by Veronika Voloshyna

On Saturday, November 24th here in Ukraine we remembered the act of violence against the whole Ukrainian nation – Holodomor, the genocide of over 7 million Ukrainians in the Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic and another 3 million in other parts of the Soviet Union in 1932-1933 under Josef Stalin. Today, November 25th, is the International Day… Read more »