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Conflict Transformation Training

We do training around the world about how to turn conflict from a negative, destructive experience into a positive, constructive experience.

  • Mentoring

  • Some of those we have trained have joined us as co-facilitators in training teams or have gone on to do their own amazing work in various countries.

  • Global Interactions

  • From conferences to church services to street protests there are many other ways the work of peacemaking is done.

Training of Conflict Transformation Trainers

The 10-day intensive TCTT has been held around the world in Detroit USA, Thailand, Kenya, Nigeria, Ukraine, the Philippines, and Egypt.  Participants have come from over 50 countries.

Train Others to Train

Graduates from the 10-day Training of Conflict Transformation Trainers have gone on to carry out their own conflict transformation trainings, having an impact all across the world.