Section 4: Transforming Initiatives

“Things That Make for Peace” Section 4 focuses on some familiar teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, exploring what Glen Stassen called “transforming initiatives,” what many people call nonviolence.  Click the Videos below to view the particular session:

Session 13:  Responses to Violence

In both Jesus’ context and contemporary contexts we explore the various responses to oppressive power.

Session 14:  Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and Transforming Initiatives

Jesus’ teaching about turning the other cheek, giving your garment, and going the second mile are explored.

Session 15:  Important Footnote for New Testament Greek Geeks

The tense of the Greek word for “evil” in Matthew 5.39 is explored with profound significance for how the text should be translated and understood.

Session 16:  Social Barometer, the Tool

A helpful tool is presented for analysis of groups and dynamics related to various social issues as well as how to plan and evaluate activists’ proposals or actions.

Session 17:  Social Barometer with Esther 4, a Case Study

Exploring the story of Mordecai and Esther through the Social Barometer shows the transformative movement of individuals and groups and the strategies that bring about such movement.