Section 3: Dealing with Diversity

“Things That Make for Peace” Section 3 focuses on the dynamics and issues of diversity in groups.  Every group has ways that people within it are different, and those differences and how we deal with them lead to many of our conflicts.  Click the Videos below to view the particular session:

Session 10:  Dealing with Difference

We begin looking at the multiple parts of our individual identities and how these connect with the dynamics of groups.

Session 11:  Mainstream and Margin

We unpack the dynamics of difference by adding the issue of power, looking at the “mainstream” that shapes the culture of a group and the “margins” who are alternatives to that “mainstream.”

Session 12:  Mainstream and Margin in Acts 6

This Bible story shows us a conflict developing over differences in the early church, yet it was transformed when both the mainstream and the margins acted well.