Yarn Closing Affirmation Web

Yarn 3A great closing tool for people who have been together for a longer and more intense time can be the Yarn Closing Affirmation Web.  It’s a variation of a closing circle, but worthy of special attention.

You need a ball of yarn for your toolbox.  I prefer the multi-colored yarn that can be found at fabric or craft stores.  It usually comes in a skein, so you have to take the time to roll it in a tight ball in advance of the workshop.


Yarn 1Starting with the facilitator, pick out one person and speak a special affirmation, blessing or word of hope for them.  Holding onto the yarn, throw the ball to them.  That person picks someone else, speaks to them, and throws the yarn ball, again holding on to the yarn.  The ball travels from person to person, always going to someone who hasn’t received it yet.  When the last person receives the yarn, that person gets to speak a word of thanks, affirmation, blessing or hope and throw the yarn ball.



Yarn 2Take a moment to soak in the connections and affirmations in the web that holds everyone together.  Tug gently to feel the connections.  The facilitator can say any final word perhaps about the bonds that will last long after this training.

One final facilitation note–if you don’t want a massive tangled knot to undo, ask people to gently place the web on the floor or ground.  Then rolling the ball back up isn’t too tedious a task.  Often a helpful participant will volunteer to do it.


closing web DSC02820.JPG