Paper Plate Challenge

Paper Plates Chiang MaiIf you are working with a group of people who will be able to act together about some particular issue or concern, a tool to facilitate their planning is the Paper Plate Challenge.  Every journey has many steps along the way.  Those steps can be written out on paper plates.  Then the group can discuss which order they go in, doing first things first.  Then to get from one plate to the next, are there intermediary steps that are necessary for success?  Fill out another paper plate or two and insert them into the order.

If the workshop participants come from a number of different groups or networks, you can teach the tool by clustering the participants in areas of common concern or focus.  Each working group can aim for a center-piece as they order their plates.

When finished the group will have a work plan with specific steps written down in order (on the plates), then on to implimentation!

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