Content-Specific Tools

Content-Specific Tools address a particular conflict transformation topic.  They either help introduce the topic experientially or they “peel the onion” and take participants deeper into the topic.

Here are some of our favorite Content-Specific Tools:

Conflict Is… (introduction to conflict transformation)

Red/Blue Simulation (conflict resolution)

Thumb Wrestling (conflict resolution)

Paper Clip Brainstorm (brainstorming)

Conflict Chair (personal conflict styles)

Conflict Animals (personal conflict styles)

4 Sheets to the Wind (listening)

Tape on the Forehead (mainstream/margin or diversity)

Ways We Are Different (mainstream/margin or diversity)

Privilege Tools (mainstream/margin or diversity)

Chairs of Power (power dynamics)

3 Person Sculpture (power dynamics)

Village Game (nonviolent struggle)

Mattress Game (strategizing)

Paper Plate Challenge (strategizing)

Spectrum of Allies or Social Barometer (strategizing)

Four Roles (change processes)

Resiliency Trees (trauma healing and resiliency)

Writing on the Wall ( self-limiting beliefs)