Many people and organizations are doing important work in the realm of peace, justice, and conflict transformation. Here are a few to investigate:

The Albert Einstein Institution was founded by Gene Sharp, one of the leading theorists in nonviolent struggle.  AEI has many free downloadable resources in many languages on the topic of nonviolent struggle.
Albert Einstein Institution

The Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America is a grassroots member organization of peace and justice-loving Baptists from many conventions and denominations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America

Training for Change, based in Philadelphia, is a great center for training in experiential education for people’s movements that are seeking constructive change for justice, peace, and ecological justice. Their Training of Social Action Trainers and Super-T programs are superb. TfC’s website has many tools to be used in experiential education workshops.
Training for Change

The Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation is a network with extensive resources on the topic and a newsletter people can sign up for.
Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation

The Global Nonviolent Action Database is an incredible on-line data-base of nonviolent actions has been developed at Swarthmore College.  This is such a rich treasure-trove of inspiring and empowering stories of nonviolent action.
Global Nonviolent Action Database

The Pan African Peace Network (PAPNET) was formed by participants at the 2013 Training of Conflict Transformation Trainers that Dan & Sharon Buttry led in Kenya.  PAPNET has expanded and engaged extensively in conflict transformation training in various African countries and is connecting to the African diaspora in the Americas and Europe.
Pan African Peace Network is a global grassroots movement related to climate change and change the hold the fossil fuel industry has on global society and institutions.  They have an excellent resource of tools and trainings. and Training Resources and Events

Ken Sehested’s “Prayer and Politiks” is one of my favorite blogs.  Ken is a dear friend, a poet, and a long-time peacemaker featured in Blessed Are the Peacemakers as well as in the Inspirational biographies.  His “Prayer and Politiks” provides some of the most thoughtful spiritual and political analysis of contemporary situations you can find.  “Prayer and Politiks” also has a great treasury of quotes, poems, prayers and litanies on a wide range of peace-related topics.

Prayer and Politiks

International Center on Nonviolent Conflict “develops and encourages the study and use of civilian-based, nonmilitary strategies aimed at establishing and defending human rights, democratic self-rule and justice worldwide.”  They have an incredible resource library on line including translations of some of their resources into over 50 languages.

International Center on Nonviolent Conflict

First Aid Arts provide arts-based tools and training “for a world where wounded hearts heal beautifully.”  They bring arts-based resources to trauma survivors and those who care for them.

First Aid Arts